There’s nothing better to boost your confidence than a gorgeous golden tan and skin so radiant you glow from the inside. With Kissed by Mii you can achieve a natural looking tan and healthy glow without the health risks associated with the real thing.

With four beautiful colours and our Express Tan to choose from this product will give you a safe and natural tan within minutes.

Full body                                                22.00

Express Tan (develops in 2-4hrs)          22.00

Half body (top or bottom half)                13.00

Before tanning

Exfoliate, paying particular attention to dry areas (knees, elbows & feet.)

Only use a light moisturiser on the day of your tan.

Wax/shave at least 24 hours prior to your tan.

Wear loose, dark clothing​ and bring an umberella in case it rains.

Wear loose fitting shoes, like flip flops.

After Tanning

Do not shower or bath for 6 - 10 hours, this is the tan developing time.

The Express Tan will develop in 2-4 hours.

Do not exercise or swim during the development time.

After bathing/showering pat your skin dry.

Moisturise every morning and evening to prolong your tan.