What is Microblading?
Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure whereby hair-like incision strokes are created through the eyebrow to attempt to either enhance, reshape or create a natural looking appearance on the brows. The prodecure entails the use of tiny needles in the shape of a blade which is dipped into a pigment that has been matched to your natural hair colour and skin tone and is then glided along a sketched outline of the brow that has been drawn on beforehand. Whilst only penetrating into the upper skin, the pigment is deposited simultaneously with the creation of the hair-like strokes leaving a feathered and natural looking outline.

Will Microblading hurt?
Some people can experience a little discomfort during the semi-permanent makeup prodecure, others dont - it really depends on the person. However, the discomfort is no worse than having your eyebrows plucked and we apply a numbing agent to the area to make it as comfortable as possible during the treatment.

How long does Microblading last?
Microblading can last anywhere from 9-18 months although in some cases may last up to 3 years. In order to achieve natural looking eyebrows an experienced semi-permanent makeup artist will never create them to last longer than 3 years. Following proper aftercare advice will ensure your brows look as defined and natural for as long as possible.

Consultation - 15 minutes (compulsory)                                                             Free
Microblading (inc top-up 6-8 weeks later)                                                           £250.00
        **Currently £200.00**
Combi Brows - Microblading & Shading (inc top-up 6-8 weeks later)                 £270.00

Microblading Top-ups:
5+ Months                                                                                                           £80.00
8 - 10 Months                                                                                                      £100.00
Yearly                                                                                                                  £150.00

*Please note: We do not top-up other artists work.
                       We take a £50.00 non-refundable deposit for each procedure.