A massage is the perfect way to relax and the perfect gift, below you will find more information on the massage and holistic treatments we offer.


Using specific oils for your needs this massage helps relieve stress and tension. An excellent choice for your first massage.

Back, neck & shoulders                                  22.00
Body massage                                                33.00
Full body massage                                          42.00 


A deep massage concentrating on areas of discomfort and muscular pain.

Back, neck & shoulders                                 20.00
Body massage                                               30.00 

Holistic & Body

Scalp & Facial massage                                    18.00
A deeply relaxing massage, excellent for relieving stress and tension from around the scalp and neck. This massage also relieves pressure build up from around the sinuses.

Rebalancing back cleanse                                 20.00
A decongesting and soothing treatment for your back. Starting with a deep cleanse and exfoliation to draw out toxins and remove dead skin cells followed by a relaxing massage and purifying mask.

Hopi ear candles                                                20.00
An Indian relaxation treatment, centuries old, used to calm and soothe the ears and head. Excellent for sufferers of sinus problems, wax build up and inner ear blockages. Recommended before flying.

Indian Head massage                                        27.00
An ancient technique that helps disperse stress and tension. A relaxing massage to the upper back, neck, shoulders and scalp followed by pressure point massage to the face. Excellent for insomnia and headache sufferers.

Detox massage                                                  30.00
After preparing the skin with light body brushing to stimulate circulation, warm essential oils are used in a massage designed to drain impurities, detox your body and uplift your energies.

Hot Stone Therapy                                             47.00
Warm oils are drizzled over you body before heated basalt stones are used to melt away tension build up. Cold marine stones are then used to drain away pressure during the facial massage.

Mother-to-be                                                          30.00
A relaxing face and body treatment for the expectant mother, with a stimulating massage to the legs and feet to relieve fluid while a hydrating mask is applied to the stomach. A Microzone will then target and skin concerns.